1. Fill a vase with 2/3rds of room temperature water. 
  2. Remove packaging and keep the bouquet tied.
  3. On an angle, trim 2cm off the ends of the stems.
  4. Remove any leaves that fall under the water line.
  5. Change water and trim stems every 2-3 days


Once unwrapped, you will need to trim 2cm off each stem on an angle and place the stems in a clean vase of fresh water. Remove any leaves that may have fallen below the water line, as this will lead to bacteria growth in the vase water. If your florist has supplied a sachet of flower preservative, the instructions on the sachet and add to the vase. If not, you will be able to also extend the longevity of your flowers by changing the water daily, and recutting the stems every 2-3 days.


Vox vase and Glass vase designs

  1. Check the vase is filled almost to the top with water.
  2. Check every 2nd day and top up if needed.


Vase designs are one of the most convenient and easy to care for arrangements. Keeping the water topped up and clean is important. Removing blooms as they are spent will encourage remaining buds to open.



  1. Check the arrangement daily to see if the foam is still damp.
  2. If dry, add ½ cup of water through the centre of the arrangement. 


If your flowers have been arranged in a container, it is more than likely your florist has used floral foam. This will need to be topped up to ensure that the foam does not dry out. Remove any spent flowers to inhibit the growth of bacteria.




For all floral gifts, choose where you display your flowers wisely. Keeping them out of direct sunlight, away from heaters and air conditioners, and also away from the fruit bowl will help extend the longevity of your blooms. Take care with pets as some flowers can be harmful if consumed.